the untold story of the Romanian ‘ orphans’ gives an insider’s look into the adoption kitchen, where the most used ingredients are political pressure and emotional blackmail.

Post kept a diary on her work for the European Commission that aimed to help Romania reform its child protection. She soon found out that the intercountry adoption system in place was nothing short of a market for children, riddled by corruption. After international criticism this practice was halted temporarily.

When redrafting laws, it became clear that in Romania’s reformed child protection there was neither place nor need for intercountry adoptions.

A ferocious lobby that wanted to maintain intercountry adoptions stepped out.

Worldwide, a nexus of adoption agencies, adoptive parents and politicians are use their powers to ensure that intercountry adoptions continue. Often they are successful. However, in Romania they were not.

The Romanian government, with support of the European Union, stood firm and took the decision to no longer export their children. A decision the adoption industry continues to challenge since 10 years.

The reader is taken along on an eight-year-travel, from 1999 to end 2006, and will be shown the story of the Romanian ‘orphans’ from a different light, where global politics and private interests compete with the rights of the child.

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