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Debate in Dutch Parliament about ACT’s founder Roelie Post

Wednesday, September 4th, 2019

During a debate in the Dutch Parliament, Members Pieter Omtzigt (Christian Democrates) and Renske Leijten (Socialist Party) brought up the case of EU whistleblower Roelie Post.
Prime Minister Rutte said it was a sensitive case.  And he passed the case to Minister of Foreign Affairs Stef Blok.

A motion was handed in:

“Noting that Mrs. Roelie Post has written a whistleblower letter to the prime minister of the Netherlands when the Netherlands was president of the European Union,
Noting that the problem she raised was child trafficking for international adoptions has by no means been resolved,
Invites the Dutch government and Mr. Timmermans for a decent solution for both the case and for the person in question and to inform the Chamber about this before October 25, 2019.

French pressure on Romania: for export

Tuesday, August 6th, 2019

Here we go. Again.

In the middle of the dramatic adoption of Sorina, French TV channel ARTE launches yet another campaign to re-open intercountry adoption from Romania.

Let’s not forget that there are 314.000 children in the French child protection system.

And that in the Dutch child protection still many older children are put in isolation, for behaviour problems.

Still, in France or the Netherlands, nobody lobbies to send these children abroad.
Only Romania has the doubtful honour to be the target of the French.

Same same, since more than 30 years.

Date: 2019-07-15

The end of Democracy, Rule of Law. And European values

Sunday, July 28th, 2019

28 July 2019

For Alexandra and Sorina

In Caracal, Romania, 15 year-old Alexandra was brutally murdered. Authorities let it happen, while she and neighbours called 112. No police available at night, and the next day they waited for hours in front of the crime scene, failing a search warrant.

In Baia de Arama, Romania, 8 year-old Sorina was brutally taken by the authorities. Taken from her foster family, her family, her country, culture, language. Exported abroad.

In both cases authorities stuck to the law, they say.
In Alexandra’s case, of course the law would have allowed the Police to enter the crime scene to prevent the crime. The law allows that. Common sense and humanity dictate it.

In Sorina’s case her passport was considered a legal document. So Sorina was allowed to be taken out of Romania by her legal adoptive parents. The adoption paperwork contained false information.
The adoption could have been stopped by the Courts.
The law does not allow falsified paperwork.
The adoption could have been cancelled.
Common sense and humanity should have prevailed.

In Sorina’s case, her adoption was based on the adoption law that got into force in 2013.
That adoption law allowed Sorina’s adoption by unrelated Romanians living abroad.

Almost a decade before, the adoption of Romanian children by unrelated Romanians or foreigners abroad had been stopped. Children’s Rights had become law, based on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and the European Convention on Human Rights. European values became law.
Under pressure of the European Union, as condition for Romania’s accession to the EU.

That should have been the end of the undignified export/sale of Romanian children.

The EU’s U-turn

Unfortunately for Sorina, the EU informally made a U-turn. Non democratic, in a mafia like way (Link Interview Bostinaru), the EU ‘forgot’ that the UN Convention was their legal basis and replaced it with the Hague Adoption Convention.
During the same time, the EU did not force Romania to prosecute those that were involved in the Romanian children business. Instead, they benefitted from impunity. And EU-funding.

Central in all this:

The United State of America’s adoption policy doctrine, promoted mainly by
o French relationship banker Francois de Combret
o The Soros network
o International Social Services
o Unicef
o Italian adoption agency Amici dei Bambini.

And their allies and front-offices inside the EU and Romania.

A crime against humanity

Instead of an ‘Open Society’, as promoted by George Soros, it seems to be about ‘Open Market’.
In this case, a regulated market in children.

Through political meddling, abuse of power and misuse of EU funding to influence laws and policies these influencers got their way.
They collectively undermined the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, by creating the Hague Adoption Convention and enforcing its implementation.

A ‘Trojan Horse’ that changed intercountry adoption from an extreme measure that is, if all, the extreme exception into a regular measure of child protection.

By allowing something like this to happen, they fail all children.

Sorina. But also Alexandra.

It gives the message that children do not count for the State. The State does not care.

No humanity. No solidarity.

The end of democracy and the rule of law. Of European values.

A sad state of affair.

Romanian children exported, 2004. History repeats itself in 2019.

Friday, July 19th, 2019

19 July 2019

French documentary from September 2004. Romanian children taken from their foster families. To be adopted abroad.
History repeats itself. Fifteen years later.


Guess who was present at the lobby meeting at the US Embassy in Bucharest? SERA.

Should children in fostercare be adopted abroad? #TogetherforSorina

Friday, July 19th, 2019

19 July 2019

That was the main question during Romania’s accession to the European Union. Is fostercare and residential care suitable care. Or do children need to be adopted.

The EU insisted Romania’s child protection laws needed to be in line with the principles of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). Thus children in foster care and residential care should not become available for intercountry adoptions, since these forms of care come before intercountry adoption.

The US, however, took the opposite stand, which they base on the principles of the Hague Adoption Convention. As we know, the US has not ratified the UNCRC.
A group of US Senators tried to convince Romania to the adoption of children in foster care. According to these senators US children in foster care could also be adopted abroad! So, please Romania: be like us, the US.

Full letter

That letter was handed to Minister Diaconescy by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in 2009. See this explosive article from 2009 (in Romanian and in English).

But is it true? Are American children adoptable abroad? In theory yes.
In practice, however, mainly new-born babies are adopted.
Not children from fostercare.
It’s just one of the may distortions of the reality that the adoption lobby uses. Tricks.

Nor are children from the old EU Member States available for adoption abroad. Never ever.

Romania has bit by bit changed their laws. And now sends children from foster care abroad.
Sorina is the ultimate example of a failed policy. Of the success of the adoption policy. Of the failure of the EU to uphold its European values.

Baby Brokers

Tuesday, July 16th, 2019

16 July 2019

The current upheaval about the adoption of Sorina, puts the whole adoption history back into the spotlights.

Recently the Romanian newspaper Adevarul (Truth) published an opinion piece written by the lawyer of the adoptive parents.
Then I remembered: that newspaper is now owned by Mr. Cristian Burci.

Mr. Burci can be seen in this video.

As well as David Livianu, at 13 minutes. The video is from 1990. This is from my book, 31 October 2001:

Sorina’s drama, how it could happen

Sunday, July 14th, 2019

14 July 2019

Many may know my story. The life of a whistleblower. Read about it here.
The European Commission still continues to try to fully destroy my professional and personal life.
I am still here though. To tell my story, which is the story of Romania’s children. A story I tell with pain in my heart.

In 2004 Romania banned intercountry adoptions, as a condition for EU Accession. The adoption world trembled… would the rest of the ‘sending countries’ follow Romania’s example. Or be forced by the European Union to do the same?

Romania’s ban was a logic result after the EU had spent some 50 million EU-funding on the reform of Romania’s child protection. Most large old-style institutions had been closed and replaced by family-style homes and fostercare. Like the babyhome in the picture. (more…)

Amy’s wil: een film over kinderhandel in Denemarken

Saturday, January 26th, 2019

26 januari 2019

Ik heb deze week even mijn veilige onderduikadres verlaten. Maandag en dindsdag was ik in Kopenhagen voor de première van de film ‘Amy’s Vilje’ (Amy’s wil).

De film gaat over een meisje uit Ethiopië,, geadopteerd in Denemarken. Amy wil dat haar moeder weer haar moeder wordt. Ze wil de adoptie opheffen. Maar dat gaat niet zonder slag en stoot.

ACT heeft haar zaak opgepakt, en haar wil, haar diepste wens, mogelijk gemaakt: terug naar haar land, haar moeder en zus, haar grootvader. Haar taal terug aangeleerd. Haar adoptie in Ethiopië, opgeheven. Ze werd weer het kind van haar moeder.

De filmmakers hebben dit proces vijf jaar gevolgd. De VPRO heeft hieraan meebetaald, dus men mag aannemen dat het ook in Nederland op TV komt.

In maart wordt de film op een internationaal filmfestival in Denemarken gepresenteerd, voor wereldwijde verkoop.
Het is een pakkende film. Weinig toeschouwers hielden de ogen droog.
Er is nu al veel aandacht voor in Denemarken, bijvoorbeeld dit artikel (google translate werkt goed vanuit het Deens).
LINK naar volledig artikel:


European Parliament Intergroup on Integrity, Transparency, Corruption and Organised Crime

Wednesday, November 7th, 2018

The Dark Side of Adoption
7 November 2018

European Parliament Intergroup on Integrity, Transparency, Corruption and Organised Crime, hosted by MEPs Ana Gomes and Dennis de Jong: Documentary film screening and debate in the presence of European Commission whistle-blower Roelie Post.

Parliamentary Question about the dismissal of whistle-blower Roelie Post

Wednesday, August 1st, 2018

Source: Parliamentary Question in Dutch

Questions from the member Leijten (SP) to the Minister of Foreign Affairs about the dismissal of whistle-blower Roelie Post at the European Commission (submitted August 1, 2018).

Question 1

What do you think of the fact that whistle-blower Roelie Post has been dismissed by the European Commission on the basis of absence and the “non-loyal” predicate? Can you explain your answer? 1 2

Question 2

How do you judge that someone who mentions a serious misconduct, in this case child trafficking from (future) EU member states, will eventually be dismissed based on being “non-loyal”? Could you explain your answer?

Question 3

Do you realize that, due to the reasons for dismissal, she is not entitled to employment schemes, whereas she worked for 35 years at the European Commission? Could you explain your answer? (more…)