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GSTV. Ondergedoken en weggepeste klokkenluider EU spreekt

Thursday, August 9th, 2018

8 August 2018

Parliamentary Question about the dismissal of whistle-blower Roelie Post

Wednesday, August 1st, 2018

Source: Parliamentary Question in Dutch

Questions from the member Leijten (SP) to the Minister of Foreign Affairs about the dismissal of whistle-blower Roelie Post at the European Commission (submitted August 1, 2018).

Question 1

What do you think of the fact that whistle-blower Roelie Post has been dismissed by the European Commission on the basis of absence and the “non-loyal” predicate? Can you explain your answer? 1 2

Question 2

How do you judge that someone who mentions a serious misconduct, in this case child trafficking from (future) EU member states, will eventually be dismissed based on being “non-loyal”? Could you explain your answer?

Question 3

Do you realize that, due to the reasons for dismissal, she is not entitled to employment schemes, whereas she worked for 35 years at the European Commission? Could you explain your answer? (more…)

‘I wanted to work, but my return was not wanted’

Tuesday, July 31st, 2018

Algemeen Dagblad, July 31, 2018
(unofficial translation)

Is Roelie Post a whistleblower, in Brussels, or not?

She brought out abuses in Romania, as an official at the European Commission. The Dutch House of Representatives now wonders: has Roelie Post been fired wrongly?

Post requested whistle-blower status. ©Dingena Mol

Hans van Soest

The 58-year-old Roelie Post is at her wit’s end. As a civil servant at the European Commission, you have fewer rights than ordinary citizens, ” she sighs. ‘Who is fired after a labour dispute and must then also repay salary of the last two years, under threat of a bailiff if not as soon as possible?’

Post is officially without a job as of Wednesday. This after years of internal conflicts at the European Commission where she worked for since 1983. As a civil servant she had, since 1999, to monitor compliance with children’s rights in Romania. There were abuses with Romanian children’s homes that needed to be resolved before the country could join the European Union. During her work Post came across abuses with adoptions of children abroad.

‘There were many excesses. Romania stood as a relatively small country in the top 4 countries with the highest number of children relinquished for adoption, compared to the rest of the world. Adoption agencies asked a lot of money from prospective parents. Children were offered for adoption because they supposedly were orphans, while parents were not at all dead. ”


Parliamentary Questions about the whistle-blower letter from Roelie Post

Monday, July 30th, 2018

Source: Parliamentary Questions in Dutch

Questions from the member Omtzigt (CDA) to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Prime Minister about the whistle-blower letter from Roelie Post. (submitted July 30, 2018)


Do you remember that in the answers to earlier parliamentary questions about Roelie Post, you answered: “In 2012, the Commission published new Guidelines for Whistleblowing (SEC 2012 679 final2) with the aim of effectively applying its own rules on reporting to improve and reinforce abuses and the protection of reporters/whistle-blowers, in which the European Commission endorses the importance of a clear procedure and protection for whistle-blowers. These Guidelines mention the obligation of members of staff to report serious wrongdoings or concerns. The Guidelines mention various internal and external channels (including the European Ombudsman) for employees who wish to make known suspicions of misconduct and deal with various issues such as protective measures. 1)


Do you remember that you also replied: “the government has taken note of the broadcast [of Argos about Roelie Post], the government was not familiar with all the aspects that were discussed in the broadcast”? (more…)

Offenes Schreiben an Präsident Juncker: Roelie Post

Wednesday, July 25th, 2018

Deutsche Bürger haben Präsident Juncker heute eine mail geschickt.

Ihr Schreiben von 2015 ist hier zu finden:  2015

Auch zum empfehlen: Roelie Post, Das Leben eines Whistleblowers


Sunday, July 15th, 2018


15 July 2018

DENNIS DE JONG (Member of the European Parliament) :

Even before the summer recess starts formally in a week, the proposals put forward by the European Commission for the protection of whistle-blowers are still being worked on. It is striking that whistle-blowers must be protected everywhere except in the European institutions themselves. The bill is not about that. It fits into a trend: the Commission, is quick to tell the Member States what they have to do, but themselves remain behind. (more…)


Sunday, July 15th, 2018


Nog voordat het zomerreces over een week formeel begint, wordt er nog hard gewerkt aan de voorstellen die de Europese Commissie op tafel heeft gelegd voor de bescherming van klokkenluiders. Opvallend is dat klokkenluiders overal beschermd moeten worden behalve bij de Europese instellingen zelf. Daar gaat het wetsvoorstel niet over. Het past in een trend: de Commissie is er als de kippen bij om de Lidstaten te vertellen wat ze moeten doen, maar blijft zelf achter. (more…)

The Adoption Business, wrested from parents, sold as orphans

Wednesday, June 20th, 2018

20 June 2018

Originally published in Danish, now translated in German. Hopefully one day in English.

The Adoption Business, wrested from parents, sold as orphans

Dorrit Saietz’ extra-ordinary book that includes much of Against Child Trafficking’s work.

Also, it tells “The Battle on Europe’s Children”, which started when Romania was to stop intercountry adoptions.

Including part of my story, the way I was pushed out of the European Commission.

But remained a European civil servant.

An incredible “lobby” story…

Source: Click Here

Minister Blok (BZ) beantwoordt Kamervragen over behandeling Roelie Post

Thursday, June 7th, 2018

juni 2018

Minister Blok (BZ) beantwoordt Kamervragen van de leden Van Nispen en Leijten (beiden SP) over de behandeling van klokkenluider Roelie Post door de Europese Commissie.

Link Antwoord op Kamervragen

The Traffickers – Episode 6 – The Dark Side of Adoption

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2018

23 May 2018

Somewhere beginning 2016, Arun Dohle of Against Child Trafficking convinced me to work with the excellent team of Nelufar Hedayat and Ruhi Hamid. To help them with their investigation into the trafficking of children for adoption.

The result is impressive.


Now available on Netflix LINK in many, many countries.