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Readers’ comments:

Niels: ‘a captivating book’

Press release FPPF: ‘reads like an exciting tale of mystery and espionage’

Vivid Magazine Romania: ‘a blow by blow account of the main lobbyists ‘

David Hayworth (journalist): ‘a shocking and forensic case history’

Marian van Teefelen (Kinderpostzegels) : ‘what is the EU about? About the Rights of the Child, or the pressure of a doubtful Western lobby?’

Mirah Riben (author): ‘A MUST READ’

Member of European Parliament Victor Bostinaru: ‘A DRAMATIC, AND AT TIMES INCONVENIENT TRUTH’

Whistleblower Paul van Buitenen: As a former European Commission official, I know that it is not obvious to write such a book. It is courageous and necessary to put this story on paper, as many misconceptions about the Romanian children’s adoption issue float around and have even caused the European Parliament to adopt a misguided written declaration on this issue. Well done Roelie!

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