About the author

Roelie Post (1959) is a civil servant of the European Commission since 1983.

From 1999 until 2005 she was charged to support Romania in its efforts to reform its child protection system. Due to pressure from outside and inside the EU she was no longer able to work inside the European Commission on children’s rights. As a result, the European Commission seconded her to Against Child Trafficking (ACT). The secondment ended on 1 August 2014.

The reintegration did not work out. She received the classical whistle-blower treatment and was ostracized. She blew the whistle at several occasions (see All News).

Despite her whistleblowing, she was fired by the European Commission in August 2018. The Dutch Parliament unanimously adopted a motion in September 2019 requesting the Dutch government to work towards a solution for both whistleblower and the adoption issue.

Her case continues to generate a lot of media attention – LINK.

The German TV movie ‘Suche Kind, Zahle Bar’ (Search a Child, Pay Cash) (2009) from Golineh Atai was based on her book. The movie received the 2010 media prize of Stiftung Kindernothilfe in November 2010.

Roelie is a graduate of the Amsterdam University, where she studied political science and international relations.

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