Adoptions from Romania, what did authorities know in the year 2000

The Romanian adoptees are growing up.

They have the right to know.
The right to know if their authorities knew there were huge problems in ‘adoptionland’.
If they knew they were involved in international crime.

The right to know why their search for their family may be difficult.
The right to know why their adoption agency and/or Central Authority is not so keen on them searching for the truth.

In March 2019 Against Child Trafficking handed in a request under the Dutch freedom of information law for all documents related to intercountry adoption from Romania. The reply was that no documents could be traced. Neither could the Belgian authorities retrace them. The Dutch Ministry of Justice said. See Letter

Not only could the Ministry of Justice not find the documents, but they also, later on, were not at all curious to get them.

So, dear adoptees looking for information, here you go:

Letter from the Dutch Ministry of Justice to me, with letter attached (In Dutch and English)

Letter from the Dutch Central Authority to the French Central Authority – in French

Letter from the Dutch/Belgian Central Authority to the Hague Permanent Authority

As you can see the main worries were about the Romanian adoption agency with which many European agencies partnered.
Copii Fericiti (Happy Children) – see The Devil is in the Details

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