Debate in Dutch Parliament about ACT’s founder Roelie Post

During a debate in the Dutch Parliament, Members Pieter Omtzigt (Christian Democrates) and Renske Leijten (Socialist Party) brought up the case of EU whistleblower Roelie Post.
Prime Minister Rutte said it was a sensitive case.  And he passed the case to Minister of Foreign Affairs Stef Blok.

A motion was handed in:

“Noting that Mrs. Roelie Post has written a whistleblower letter to the prime minister of the Netherlands when the Netherlands was president of the European Union,
Noting that the problem she raised was child trafficking for international adoptions has by no means been resolved,
Invites the Dutch government and Mr. Timmermans for a decent solution for both the case and for the person in question and to inform the Chamber about this before October 25, 2019.

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